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Persian Earl Grey

   WHAT IS PERSIAN EARL GREY? Tea is a pillar of Persian cuisine and is enjoyed throughout the day. It's a major part of Persian culture and is often both the first and last thing offered at a meal. Tea was probably introduced to Persia in the first Century BCE through the Silk Road though it was not a major commodity. It was largely ignored until the  Early 1900's. The British empire, who controlled most of the tea trade at the time, was very strict on non-Europeans trading tea.  Kashef Al Saltaneh, an Iranian Diplomat was visiting India and through his fluent use of french was able to acquire a few tea plants to bring home to Iran. After a few...

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Iced Apricot Fields - A great summer iced tea!

Summertime means hot days, warm nights, and fresh apricots! Our "Apricot Fields" black tea is made with the natural extract of sun ripened Armenian apricots. Here's a great iced tea recipe to help cool those poolside barbecues and those hot days at the beach. APRICOT FIELDS ICED TEA INGREDIENTS:  Alvin's Apricot Fields Black Tea Raw Sugar (optional)  A Kettle of Boiled Water 2-4 Round Lemon Slices  1 Ripe Apricot (sliced) Fresh Mint (to garnish)  Large Pitcher Ice INSTRUCTIONS:  Boil a kettle of water. Steep: Steep 1teaspoon of Alvin's Apricot Fields Black Tea to 1 cup of boiled water. Let it steep for about 15 minutes. Filter out the tea leaves. You'll be left with a very dark, strong reduction of Apricot Fields Black...

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