$ 15.00

First introduced in the early 1600's to Tsar Michael I, tea has been a staple of the Russian diet. Traded for centuries and enjoyed by the highest circles in the Russian aristocracy. premium teas were prized & enoyed with a bountiful assortment of jams, cookies, cakes & other delicacies. Our Russian Platinum™ is a select blend of the finest, hand cut long leaf Ceylon tea leaves. We carefully select the best leaves that produce the deepest color, strongest body and most fragrant taste. We only use the top 1% of each tea harvest in this delicate blend to ensure a tea fir for a Tsar. Certified Kosher, Non-GMO, All Natural.

All Alvin's teas are blended in-house by our award winning master tea blenders in our facility. All ingredients are hand picked by our buyers at the source.